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This profession is something of a mid-life crisis for me. My "Used to Be" self was a practicing Critical Care Nurse until it became time to become something else. I LOVED who I was. I loved my patients and their families. I enjoyed going to work even when the work was tough! Sometimes there comes a point when your body says it's time to hang up the scrubs and find something less punishing...so I did. I started out on this metal smithing path because I saw a youtube video on etching. I wanted to do that!! It was soooo cool! So I learned. Then I found out I had an addiction. One skill learned lead to the desire to learn another, and another, and another. And my literal shop was born.

The feeling that this is what I was meant to do was overwhelming. I remember when I was a teenager looking at career possibilities, I would always stop at the "silver smithing" courses in my local community college circular before continuing on to more erudite subjects. My life has come full circle today. I'm not finished learning, not by a long shot. But, I love what I do and could not dream of doing anything else. Yet. :-D

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